All about Jungle IT

We deliver complete IT strategies that help you navigate technological change and create the best conditions for your company’s success. Our team takes your business from reacting to preparing with confidence. 

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Why we're here

We’re a people business that bridges the gap between the IT team and the goals of your business. Your IT journey begins with its most important asset; your users. It is our belief that providing a constructive and consultative approach to IT is the key to creating the right environment for success.

Meet the Team
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So why Jungle?

The name then. Simply put we’re not like other IT managed service providers, so we wanted to do something that reflected this. We’re a great place to work and it shows. Our people want to be the best part of your day.

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So, we’re here to help you navigate technological change and be ready for the future. We do this with a vision of what your organisation needs, born from imagination and wisdom, followed through with lots of heart and a good dose of charisma from the start to the end. It's our promise.

Companies with high performing cultures and strong values thrive on change. Our values weren’t created they were uncovered and are continually nurtured. They are the roots of what our people already have in spades. Our values are just how we do things around here.

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Life in the jungle

In fact, whether we work with you or whether you work alongside us, you’ll pretty quickly get to experience the Jungle IT way.  Clients and partners get a personal service that makes digital technologies easier to work with. And Jungle IT people get a rewarding environment to build a career.

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We’ve developed a culture of serious play. Serious play means we value wisdom, but also a sense of experimentation, and exploring new ideas and ways of thinking. It’s how we make our expertise accessible. Whether it’s from our technical operations centre, service desk or build room, we’re optimised for hybrid working from our two offices, warehouse and our homes in Leeds.


Where we've put some swing

Every client is different, but we do great work across a great variety of sectors:

  • school
  • savings
  • local_shipping
    Logistics and Transport
  • monitor_heart
  • home
  • gavel
    Law and Legal
  • account_balance
    Local Government
  • live_tv
  • precision_manufacturing
  • storefront

More on our credentials

We can also support you with

Cloud Migration & Infrastructure Modernisation
Digital Transformation
IT Project Delivery
IT Roadmaps & Account Plans
Strategic Technology Review
Cyber Maturity Assessment
Managed Services
Microsoft 365
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