It is clear that the digital landscape continues to change around us. Companies are focused on empowering employees through technology modernisation to deliver a safe, effective and secure hybrid working model for their employees.

Hybrid working managed services allow businesses to:

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    Deliver a great user experience. For many, the IT journey starts at the device.
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    Reduce the number of workplace applications to manage, train and adopt.
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    Recruit the best talent, now available nationwide.
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    Control the asset across the full lifecycle from purchase to disposal.

Up and running, out of the box

Technology for the new working place.

Whether it's onboarding or upgrading, implementing new hardware and software can have a critical impact on productivity, workflow and first-day experiences. Then managing the lifespan, decommissioning, storage and disposal of devices can also be time-consuming.

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We make Hybrid Working easier for your organisation.

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    Enhanced first experiences when receiving new devices.
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    Devices and IT accessories can be sent to Home User or Office.
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    Pre-configuration and customisation of device prior to shipping to the end user.
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    Imaging delivered via Gold Image or Intune and Autopilot.
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    Devices can be updated remotely or returned and serviced.
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    Decommissioned devices can be stored or disposed of safely and securely.

How we’ll work with you

Device Imaging Suite

Built specifically during the 2021 pandemic to provide a secure ‘out of box experience’ for our client’s devices. Our purpose-built device imaging suite forms the foundation of our technical operations centre.

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Ensuring a first-class experience.

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    Designed by our in-house imaging team from the ground up.
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    160 devices can be imaged and shipped in 24 hours.
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    Devices can be supplied with IT accessories to fully complement your employees needs.
  • loop
    We can fulfil device deliveries with company merchandise and/or company welcome pack.

Secure Warehouse & Technical Operations Centre

Our 20,000 sq foot double skin blockwork and reinforced concrete infill warehouse facility is situated next to our device imaging suite and is prepared for the logistical challenges of remote working. Secured by Access control system and can be compartmentalised to include secure sections.

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Our security features include:

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    AFD operative throughout.
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    Fire alarm is linked to the central station.
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    An intruder alarm maintained and monitored by ADT, RedCARE GPS.
  • videocam
    Level 1 Digital clear image CCTV to exterior and interior, monitored with speaker facility.
  • lock
    Pinned automatic shutters to doors/windows, with further protection via vibration detectors.
  • car_crash
    Additional physical protections by way of telescopic fixed barriers to car park and warehouse entrances, internal barrier protection to warehouse roller shutter doors, reinforced concrete infill to warehouse walls, detectors in roof lights.
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    Bespoke processes based on customer requirements, discussed and created during onboarding. ISO 9001 in place. Cyber Essentials + Certified. ISO 27001 underway with certification completed soon.
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    Standards-based biometric and smartcard access control system. Restricted access to stock locations with logging of entry/exit and logged stock movement.

You can rely on our expertise


Devices prepared each week.


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