Delivering IT projects successfully in the new consumption-based IT model requires both IT experience and talented project management.

Navigating change isn't always easy.

You need the best start to get to the best end result.

Managing and implementing new IT projects starves IT leaders of the critical time required to strategically plan the delivery of them. Whether it’s migration to the cloud or a lack of hands-on resources to meet impending deadlines, we understand the challenges faced by IT leaders and teams in delivering projects successfully.

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What we’ll do; from chaos to order

Our project structure has been engineered to be agile, simple and lacks the complexity of some organisations. Delivered with a ‘no-technical or sales jargon’ ethos – just straightforward answers to straightforward questions

We'll support you and your team in providing:

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    A dedicated programme manager
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    MS Teams project kick-off meeting
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    Collaborative project plan agreed
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    Project completion & BAU
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    Evidence for ISO to show we are always improving

Making you future ready.

Working collaboratively, our team will: identify success criteria, provide success criteria for the project scope, provide an agreed delivery schedule, and the agreed budget. We’re a dedicated external team improving IT project delivery and oversight throughout the process and are always available to answer key questions.

We bring a culture of ideas driven by expertise.

To alleviate ‘change immobilisation’ with any project, we’ll engage the team(s) to formulate a project roadmap that encompasses a simple coherent sequence of events and agreed-on communication touchpoints, intended to drive camaraderie and commitment to the project process.
Our task list can often include orchestrating the cooperation of fulfilment, finance, sales, technical or logistics team and can include reporting progression/completion directly to board level.

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Ready to speak to an expert?

If you have any questions or you're ready to start a project then we're here to work with you.

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Paul Jordan

Head of Professional Services

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