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Future Ready

22 April 2022

Managing Director, Jonathan Asquith explains the difference Jungle IT and its new brand refresh brings to be Future Ready.

Our rebrand has been both a fantastic and revealing exercise for me. Jungle IT’s journey has been one of ‘revolution’ rather than ‘evolution’. I felt that we needed an authentic brand that represented what we had transformed into. The ‘why we existed’ had changed.

Both during and post-pandemic, the team has achieved so much; from achieving our ISO9001 certification to strengthening our key vendor relationships with Microsoft, Dell and NFON. But above all we have expanded the team with some truly talented and brilliant new people. We now employ over 40 people, and this is by far is our greatest asset.

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Why Jungle lT exists in a nutshell; To navigate technological change to help clients be ready for the future.

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The challenge was to have a brand that did justice to the brilliant work our people were doing for our clients, every day.

So off we took to Liverpool for a sunny week in October to try and truly get down on paper what we had become. I had one stipulation; an authentic brand and its values of the people should be ’uncovered’ not ‘created’, so our process had to reflect this.

I’m pleased to say, after five long days, an unquantifiable amount of good coffee, (maybe a bit too much to drink on the Thursday night), and an extremely patient agency, we finally got there..!

Welcome to the new Jungle everybody, a brand I can confidently confirm describes what we do to the outside world…!