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World Password Day

05 May 2022

4 ways to improve your online security:

  • phonelink_lock
    1. 2FA – Enable multi factor authentication on any online service you use. If you have the choice, use an app on your phone for the code instead of receiving an SMS or email with the code in. If they don’t offer 2FA, consider switching providers.
  • password
    2. Create long passwords - They don’t need to be overly complicated, 16 characters or more. String 3 or more random words together mixing uppercase, lowercase letters and include numbers/symbols.
  • manage_accounts
    3. Never use the same password for all your accounts - Use a password manager secured with a good password to store the usernames and passwords for all your individual accounts. Some password managers will allow you to save the website address in there too, so simply clicking the link will take you to the site and log you in. If you use long passwords, you won’t need to change them as often.
  • manage_history
    4. Always ensure that your device is secured when you move away from it - Passwords stored in web browsers won’t take anyone long to see your account information if left unsecured. In Google Chrome just go to chrome://settings/passwords in the address bar to see all your stored passwords. Consider saving usernames and passwords in a password manager instead of the browser.

Spending a couple of hours to implement the actions listed across all your online accounts could save you a lot of headaches in the future if your accounts are compromised.