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Dialing into Telephony Solutions: Meet Our Expert Telephony Consultant

01 November 2023

Organisations across the UK are about to experience groundbreaking changes with their telephony systems and approach with the emergence of the PSTN switch off. Nonetheless, maintaining an efficient telephony system is integral to every customer conversation.

We've invited Phil to join our team as a consultant to help our existing and new clients integrate a robust approach to telecoms and communication solutions.

With over 30 years of experience in the telecoms industry, Phil brings a wealth of knowledge that clients can trust in providing expertise on implementing seamless communication strategies.

"My key responsibilities are to engage with customers and prospects to understand and advise on their journey with voice and how Jungles Managed Voice offerings can be tailored to their business needs and future plans"

Phil Pinder, Unified Communications Specialist

Phil Pinder 1000 Px

"Moreover, I aim to help sales and the wider team to recognise where voice sits for customers so collectively we can make improvements to their telephony systems. I am thrilled to be a part of this team and look forward to seeing managed voice become a mainstream part of our clients' conversations."

Phil Pinder, Unified Communications Specialist


Seamless Communication with Microsoft Teams Telephony Solutions for Businesses

Having a centralised communication platform that's scalable, cost effective and secure isn't too much to ask. We work with you to integrate Microsoft Telephony Solutions seamlessly into your organisation. With the emergence of the PSTN Switch Off, having a process for transitioning to a secure, reliable communication system is imperative. 

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