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We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022...

08 March 2022

...with Alex Carey and Her Journey Into IT.

Being the first woman at Jungle IT hasn’t phased Alex Carey, it defined her success

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Whilst studying for her degree in Business and IT, Alex had a year working in the industry where she met Jonathan Asquith. That meeting was to become a lasting business partnership that has gone from strength to strength.

Jonathan Asquith established and formed Jungle IT in 2004 and invited Alex to be part of this exciting start-up. The first female to support and drive forward the vision of Jungle IT was an opportunity for her to be instrumental in shaping the business for success. This step felt incredibly exciting to Alex, she was highly motivated and ready to take on this challenge and focus on applying her skills to create and establish best practices in ‘customer relationships’ that would become the bedrock to Jungle IT.

Wondering if Alex felt it was a challenge to be the first woman in IT at Jungle IT, as it is perceived to be a male-dominated sector; the answer is no. Alex has always been taken seriously and more than holds her own, but above all her sense of belonging at Jungle IT is also very clear. 


Alex shares her views on the Jungle IT journey.

The early days were about being a competitive reseller and focused on product, so a trustworthy, reliable provider in our own right.

As IT progressed so did the way our clients consumed it; no longer an IT project, technology was required to fulfil a business need whether it be growth, stability, recruitment, or all 3. Our clients recognised they needed to innovate but needed a partner to support their aspirations and help them navigate technological change. As a trusted partner we were perfectly placed to support our clients however we recognised the need to develop and grow our in-house expertise to ensure the commitment and high level of service to our clients was maintained. We have driven huge growth since onboarding our managed services team, driven by our MD, Jonathan Asquith. A born leader, his energy, insight, and strength are our USP; his leadership and constant engagement with the business to innovate and keep pace is what connects and unites the entire team today.

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My journey at Jungle IT alongside Jonny is something that has more than shaped me into the confident go-getter that I am today. His focus to enforce a culture of foresight, intelligence, personal service, and a way to build long-lasting partnerships with clients is something we believe is what sets us apart today. Alex prides herself on relationship building, developing strategic partnerships with clients that are based on trust, honesty, authenticity, transparency with a personal touch.

Alex’s philosophy to demonstrate how to evolve and bring your team along with you has ensured any key changes or market evolutions have been delivered through her team. Being part of the Jungle IT Relationship team can be demanding but Alex loves to be in the thick of the action, supporting clients as well as mentoring and innovating the team. By maintaining a real-world understanding of our client’s challenges and how we can support them is a skill that has more than encouraged and driven the success of our complete offering today!

“We’ve worked together for 18 years, Alex is someone you meet and don’t forget, her drive and determination to deliver a tailored well-planned solution to our clients today is electric, someone who not only underpins the business needs but does it in a personal transparent and honest way is what makes her uniquely savvy.”

Jonathan Asquith

Managing Director

Jungle IT

“I am incredibly proud of being the first female at Jungle IT. Working in IT is proving to be a wonderful landscape for women today, it's fast-paced and if you stay ahead of the curve and embrace the market changes then you are not only leading by example, but you are also seizing opportunities.”

Alex Carey

Client Success Director

Jungle IT

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