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Meet Mark

13 September 2023

Our new Security Awareness Advocate

Preparing your organisation for the growing threat of cyber security is critical. That's why we've brought Mark onto our team at Jungle IT to help our clients ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to mitigate the risk cyber security presents.

Mark has joined the team to support the team in two key areas. He'll be supporting our sales team in their discussions with clients around cyber security by highlighting the benefits of having a robust security framework.

He will also work directly with clients to aid them in implementing a secure security framework.

"I've been working in sales for 27 years (even though I don't look old enough). I have a wide range of experience in providing IT solutions such as cloud, telephony, licenses, networking, software development, and professional services to SME and large organisations.
I love presenting to organisations and helping them understand the impact our services can have in improving their day-to-day operations.."

Mark Wainwright, Security Awareness Advocate

Mark Wainwright 1000 Px

Mark is working on our security messaging to ensure we effectively communicate the importance of cyber security to our clients. Mark is committed to ensuring organisations know how great and innovative our security offering is.

"Helping the client understand how they secure their data is important. Over the years, I've found that many organisations know they need to do more with their cyber security but are unsure where to start. Organisations are eager to know what to do and what to prioritise around their cyber security, but need to feel comfortable with a proven approach and fully understand the risks before they commit. I'm looking forward to helping the team in this area."

Mark Wainwright, Security Awareness Advocate


Providing Cyber Security Solutions

Our team of experts provides cyber security solutions tailored to your business needs to make sure your clients and team can work in a secure environment. Find out how our cyber security solutions can help you evaluate and improve your team.