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Meet our Jungle Values Ambassadors

19 October 2023

Companies with high-performing cultures and strong values thrive on change. Our values weren’t created they were uncovered and are continually nurtured. Our Values Ambassadors have been appointed to embed and nurture the values into the different teams and the work we deliver.

Jungle Values
Beth Pounder 1000Px 7580

Tenacity: Endlessly striving to achieve success

“It's important to have something that connects us as a whole despite being in different departments. I think it's good that we include these from the beginning in the job description so that we attract like-minded people. It's good that we have these ingrained into us and to try always to represent the company through the values, whether that be externally or internally.”

Beth Pounder, representing Tenacity

Positivity: Approaching each task or interaction with optimism 

“Our employees work tirelessly to make sure our customers are served in the best way, and each value represents this. Therefore, it's important to recognise staff who demonstrate the values in their work as recognition also gives staff additional motivation and the feel-good factor.”

Sam Gardner, representing Positivity

Sam Gardner 1000Px 4297
Drew Mcculloch 1000Px 4483

Listening: Being completely present, invested and focused to gain insight and understanding

“There's more to listening than just obtaining information. It's about understanding one another, learning, developing and enjoying interactions. I believe taking the time to actively listen can help progress relationships, understand issues and find solutions in a collaborative way. Listening is a skill that often gets overlooked, but the difference you see when someone has listened to you is evident.

Drew McCulloch, representing Listening

Innovation: Positively challenge established methods or practices to reach new ways of working

“We are a people-first company, and having values which we encourage to be shown in employees is great. Everyone has their own ways of working but knowing that we all share common values is nice. I think it also brings a lot of community into the workforce.”

Bryoni McDade, representing Innovation

Bryoni Mcdade 1000Px 5877 4

We’re always looking for great people, with strong values, to help us create a world where business is always ready for the future. Take a look at our careers page for more information on working in the technology industry at Jungle IT.


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