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Our Experience of Leeds Digital Festival 2023

03 October 2023

Over the past two weeks, Leeds Digital Festival has had a flurry of exciting events inciting people from a wide range of industries to explore insightful topics affecting the digital industry.

Leeds Digital Festival hosted over 250 events from cyber security, AI, automation, technology, marketing, ecommerce and more.

Leeds Digital Festival 2023 Executive Sponsors

At Jungle IT, embracing digital change and transformation is at the heart of what we do. We are proud sponsors of this year's Leeds Digital Festival and hosted three exciting events on creating a cyber savvy culture, the future of collaboration, and creating a security-first culture for SME law firms.

Our team supported and engaged in several of the events across Leeds, too. We're sharing our highlights from some of these events.


Cyber Savvy Workforce

At our first Leeds Digital Festival event, Laura, our Governance, Cyber Security, and Compliance manager, hosted an interactive workshop on cyber security. She emphasised that an organisation’s cyber security is only as strong as its weakest link. Even the most vigilant individuals can fall prey to cyber security breaches and attacks.

Laura shared the measures organisations and employees should take to protect themselves against social engineering, phishing, vishing, tailgating, and other cyber threats. Explore the detailed recap on what was discussed during this cyber-savvy workshop.




Let's Disband the Marketing Team

Glean hosted an insightful event, "Let's Disband the Marketing Team." At this event, speakers Charles Hague, Paddy Heaton, and Katherine Threadgold, shared how they radically shifted their approach to marketing to embrace agile marketing teams focussed on three essential functions: product marketing, brand marketing, and growth marketing. They shared how this shift has led to exponential growth in their engagement since its implementation. Even for individuals outside of the marketing realm, this event reinforced the importance of embracing change, especially in a digital industry that is constantly changing.


Get to the Point

The Marketing Optimist hosted an exciting evening event, 'Get to the Point' hosted at Glean's headquarters. The challenge? Present on a topic for five minutes, with slides that change every 15 seconds. The aim? Ensure you get to the point within five minutes, the allotted time.

This event presented a unique approach to delivering presentations. Although each speaker spoke on a different topic, from cyber security to improving people skills to photography insights and personal development tips, there was a common theme throughout. With each presentation, the speaker told a story that incited the audience's interest and left us with a key takeaway we could utilise in the future. This reemphasised a fundamental perspective. Storytelling lies at the heart of marketing.



Women In Tech Breakfast – Allyship

Allyship is one of the most powerful tools in the DEI agenda, helping everyone achieve equality inside and outside the workplace. Hosted by Accenture at Avenue HQ, the Women In Tech Breakfast delivered a thought-provoking workshop where attendees were asked to reflect on privilege and their thoughts on implicit biases. 


The Future of Collaboration

We hosted our second event on the future of collaboration to uncover how technology impacts the way we work together. We were joined by Matt Simmons, our Cloud Solutions Architect, Deborah Sweeney, the Microsoft Business Manager at TD Synnex, and Antonia Martin-Wright, the commercial development manager at CEG.

At our panel event, they shared their take on pivotal topics such as remote working, AI and automation, data governance and compliance, and innovation in the digital landscape. Their discussion shared how we can knit these various issues together to explore digital change and its development in a secure way, whilst maintaining the need for human interaction and collaboration in the workplace.




Creating a Security First Culture for SME Law Firms

Jungle IT collaborated with LegalTech in Leeds for an event for SME law firms. Our IT security experts, Laura, Mark, and Matt, discussed the challenges SME law firms face concerning cyber security. They explored why cyber security is on the rise and how SME law firms can improve cyber security awareness within the workplace. In addition, Matt shared exciting developments in AI, such as Microsoft Copilot, and how law firms can embrace these AI developments whilst following data governance and compliance regulations.


Leeds Digital Festival Run 2023

Celebrating the final day of the festival Jungle's Head of Marketing Tiffany Mazza joined the Leeds Digital Festival Run 2023! 

Organised by Berwins Solicitors in collaboration with Up and Running  Leeds, the route toured the key landmarks of Leeds' digital community with a 7km run.

"I've loved all of the LDF events, but I particularly enjoyed this one. Running, networking and hearing great historical facts about Leeds, plus a biscuit to finish. It's the perfect way to learn more about Leeds and meet new people."



Our Commitment to Digital Change

Helping clients navigate digital change is what we do best. The insights from the Leeds Digital Festival have reinforced that digital transformation is a growing trend that requires strategy and planning. Get in touch today to learn more about our IT support services range including cyber security, managed services, Microsoft 365, and more.