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Taya - from Technician to Service Desk Engineer in 1 year...

15 March 2022

...and passing the Infrastructure Technician Level 3

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Joining Jungle IT in 2019 as an apprentice for Infrastructure Technician Level 3 was the start of my career, little did I know at the time it would become something that I am loving and wanted to grow and develop into. Leaving school and not sure what to do next, I explored apprenticeships and narrowed down a shortlist to Jungle IT or one in beauty! The apprenticeship solution appealed to me so that I could work and learn in a business.

I chose Jungle IT, had interviews with key team members, and made me feel there was a real opportunity to grow and learn IT along the way. I started in March 2020, just before the pandemic hit, then was sent home with a brief understanding of the kit and how to operate from home, looking back this was the best start for me! I had to focus and connect with the team daily via Microsoft teams and learn the ins and outs of IT support from my real-time experiences.

Jungle IT is the best place to work, the entire business is behind and supporting you every step of the way. Coming into a business of this size and looking to find your way can be daunting but the structure and key mentors that were helping me, not only made me feel welcome but quickly I felt like part of the team. They work so hard to support and recruit apprentices, they are best placed to give you a great start as they invest the time in you, but equally, their highly skilled leadership team wants you to succeed from day 1.

My knowledge and insight into IT increased, to the point where I went to our clients in July 2021 and supported them onsite for 8 weeks by helping their service desk operate and manage the new infrastructure that we applied to help their business operations during the pandemic. Being away from home and supporting this client, really helped me grow into the role and be independent, that was a great feeling, and the backup from the team was always there if I needed it. Today, my enthusiasm for technology and innovation is brought to life at Jungle IT, focusing on ensuring all our clients are future-ready. My role is pivotal to this and that makes me feel empowered to continue.

Reporting to Findlay Wightman, Head of IT Service Operations, gives me a clear focus and approach to my next steps. I just love the role I am in today as Service Desk Engineer.

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“Taya has become an instrumental part of our service desk team. Her focus and commitment to complete her apprenticeship whilst working hard and handling some significant clients is a testimony to her drive and determination. We are all proud of her news and celebrate her passing Infrastructure Technician Level 3 apprenticeship and look forward to her continued success.”

Findlay Wightman

Head of IT Service Operations

Jungle IT

“I would highly recommend anyone considering a career in IT to take a serious look at the courses and how to get started! I am where I am today and happy because Jungle IT has embraced apprenticeships and in doing so, they are more than helping young people to join a buoyant industry but one that can be fun and rewarding.”

Taya Rhodes

Service Desk Engineer

Jungle IT

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