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The Evolution of the Microsoft Partner Network

01 February 2023

In October 2022, Microsoft announced the exciting evolution of Microsoft’s partner program from the Microsoft Partner Network to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, retiring their Gold and Silver competencies and replacing them with Solution Partners Designation. 

The six new Partner Designations are now mapped to the Microsoft solution area, replacing the 18 legacy competencies.

With the Cloud Partner Program, there are six Solutions partner designations available for partners. Each aligns with a specific solution area:


The goal in making this change was to bring clarity to customers on the capabilities of the partners they work with whilst providing partners who specialise in MS technology additional tools aligned with their areas of expertise. 


The Partner Capability Scoring mechanism brings transparency for customers working with Microsoft Partners, as each designation category is scored out of 100 (a minimum of 70 points must be earned in each category to be achieve the designation). This scoring mechanism gives customers a metric for comparison when approaching partners for services. 

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program doesn’t just test revenue, which was the focus of the legacy competencies, it now draws on the experience across the whole MSP, which means clients get a clear understanding of the broad scope of expertise across the team.

Patrick Pounder

Cloud Solutions Consultant

Jungle IT is committed to developing our team. Innovation is one of our core values and is intrinsically woven into the fabric of our approach as a business. We have already achieved two out of the six designations, Solution Partner for Modern Work and Solutions Partner Infrastructure (Azure) with training and developments plans currently in place working toward the remaining four.

"As part of the ongoing growth of Jungle IT, and to ensure we are always keeping up with new technologies, we have built training plans for existing engineers and for both the service desk and sales team to follow to continue their technical training but have designed them in such a way that they don’t just serve the purpose of achieving another designation but will make a genuine difference when supporting clients in any engagement they have with Jungle."

Patrick Pounder

Cloud Solutions Consultant

To learn more about the specialisms achieved for each designation, follow the links below or head back to News page to read about more Jungle.

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Patrick Pounder

Cloud Solutions Consultant

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