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Azure LIVE Join Us for an Azure Platform Walk Through - Online Workshop

Article Date: 2020-07-06

Microsoft Azure provides businesses with the ability to quickly spin up resources that are secure, scalable and always available.

We will showcase how the expansive platform can be utilised for solutions that start small and simple and grow to accommodate enterprise infrastructures using the same tools underneath.


Our workshop will include:


Use of Resource groups

Resource Groups can be used to manage different Azure elements to make day to day management of your Azure estate easier and more streamlined.


Deployment and configuration of Virtual Networks and Network Security Groups

All infrastructure relies on a properly configured network, and Azure is no different. With Azure Network Security Groups you can provide complete control over all traffic your resources encounter and keep them secure.


Quick and simple creation of Virtual Machines and Storage Resources

Azure can be used to replace your entire infrastructure or provide supplementary apps and services such as a website, a backup repository or a full DR solution using ASR.


How to use Azure Monitor and Network Watcher to ensure high availability and increase Return on Investment

One of the best facets of Azure is its flexibility, there are some excellent tools within the Azure space that allow for exact rather than peak usage to be provisioned to ensure you truly pay for what you use.


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