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Our Survey says...

Article Date: 2018-06-13

…our customers would like to see more events from Jungle!

Following on from our great morning at Elland Road, our Hyper-Converged Infrastructure & Dell Data Protection received great feedback. (Ok we’re bragging a bit, but hey!)

I wanted to speak to our MD Jonathan Asquith to get his feedback on the event, so I thought I’d ask him a few questions..!


Why did you feel the need to host this event?

"We wanted to host the event to give our customers an insight into new technologies, and to try and debunk some of the myths around the new solutions. I wanted customers to who were curious about hyper-converged to have the chance to converse directly with the Dell techs, without feeling like they were being sold to. Also it was nice to have an event in the north for a change!"

Why a hyper-converged event aimed at the Small to medium sized enterprise?

"Often the SME’s are forgotten about, but they obviously have the same challenges as the larger enterprise businesses. It’s just as important for the SME to think about how they’re going to delivery their digital transformation just as much as the larger firms. It is my belief that software-defined IT infrastructure can deliver a real commercial advantage, no matter what the size of the organisation."

What worked well for you at the event?

"We sat the attendees who held similar roles in other organizations together; so IT directors with IT directors, Head of a Trust with another Head of a Trust etc. That meant after the presentations (during the buffet and the wine!) people were talking about their own personal challenges within that role. Often, their challenges are not unique."

What didn’t work so well?

"An overview of the hardware doesn’t tend to resonate with people. It’s overcoming the challenges that people want to hear about, rather than the product."

Any upcoming events planned?

"Yes, we’ve got an Office 365/Unified Communications one coming up in Leeds, and another Dell EMC one based in London; this time focusing on Dell’s Data Protection Suite."


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