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We’re Supporting Leeds Children’s Hospital Through Technology

Article Date: 2021-12-23

Starlight uses the power of play to make the experience of illness and treatment better for children and their families in the newly opened Leeds Children’s Hospital. A milestone project to deliver for Starlight, but uniting local businesses to play a part!  Jungle IT is delighted to have been the IT supplier to deliver the innovation of play for the children. 

With 250,000 children who will benefit from this charity-led project to transforming the hospital experience.  The focus and drive to deliver an inviting, engaging, and interactive children’s hospital that begins as soon as you walk into the reception area.  When children are ill and need to visit the hospital it's so important that their time there is occupied, calm but also a place they feel safe.

Over the last year whilst visiting and time at hospitals have been challenging, this newly refurbished Leeds Children’s Hospital reception area will be a wonderful surprise and delight to the children but also their families too.

Now, from the moment children and their families walk through the entrance of Leeds Children’s Hospital, they will be immersed in a rainforest-themed reception area, complete with feature lighting, brightly coloured flooring, and interactive activities to help create a more welcoming environment for everyone. 

The entrance includes the latest technology, funded by national children’s charity Starlight, to distract and engage patients and their families. Jungle IT supported by donating key equipment that works to drive the remote sensor play in the reception area.  Safe play taken to a new level, whereby no one touches the screen, you stand in front of the screen, and it picks up your movement – amazing gameplay with state-of-the-art technology! 


Jonathan Asquith, Managing Director, Jungle IT:

“Jungle IT’s vision is to innovate and drive forward future-ready IT solutions, when Starlight approached us with this ground-breaking sensor play technology looking for support, I was instantly drawn to this collaboration.  The focus to re-energize the children’s hospital and in doing so deliver advanced technology and change, to drive forward safe interactive play between children and families is just an amazing position to be in today! We look forward to this innovation being rolled out to benefit more hospitals in the UK”.

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