Cyber Maturity Assessment

Using a ‘standards approach’ through a series of flexible workshops, our cyber maturity assessment seeks to evaluate and improve cyber security practices, priming companies for the advancement of technological change.

Our Cyber Maturity Assessment workshops:

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    Fast track opportunities to achieve security compliance across the business.
  • nearby_error
    Identity risk and accountability for individuals and the organisation.
  • auto_graph
    Provide a path-to-compliance and certification that can be actioned and supported by Jungle IT.
  • safety_divider
    Provides visibility and reassurance for your customers and employees.

Preparing cyber security plans with confidence

Securing peace-of-mind.

Implementing, maintaining and continually improving both the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and the IT infrastructure provides both employees and  customers with the assurance that companies are taking the security and protection of their customers' data seriously.

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Cyber Maturity Assessments provide you with a deeper understanding of:

  • psychology
    The cyber-security knowledge within your company
  • analytics
    Where your company's IT security is currently at, evaluated utilising a standards-based approach
  • lock
    How to develop secure and robust process & procedures
  • add_moderator
    How to build cyber maturity and grading
  • data_usage
    The importance of reviewing and evaluating metrics and performance
  • enhanced_encryption
    The financial return and risk mitigation through security investment

How we’ll work with you

Our Cyber Security Team collects and analyses data from across the business focusing on four key areas to generate your assessment report.

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1. Your Business Context
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We look to understand the security requirements of the company.

  • Business objectives
  • Identify key stakeholders
2. Your existing infrastructure
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We discuss and evaluate the current security posture & controls in place.

  • Asset management
  • Risk management
  • Network architecture
3. Standards and Controls
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We identify indicators of good practice.

  • Review and discuss controls
  • Identify levels of compliance
  • Question / Evidence / Feedback
4. Performance and Metrics
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Provide operation measures for improvement

  • Actionable insights 
  • Recommendations and remediations

Consistently optimising and meeting standards

Conclusions & Recommendations

We believe that time spent on good quality discovery invariably enables an outstanding return on the investment. Your output will include a baseline gap analysis with a view to achieving compliance and alignment to industry best practices eg:(ISO/IEC 27001:2013/Cyber Essentials).

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