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Our ITIL based service team are here to assist your organisation with any of your IT support needs.

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With a Net Promotor Score® (NPS) consistently above 90, our ‘customer first’ approach allows us to deliver exceptional service to end-users using industry-leading remote support tools.

Backed by industry-leading key performance indicators (KPI’s), our teams are able to support organisations of all sizes, from 10 users upwards.

Our service is broken into two strands; reactive and proactive. Our reactive team are here to take calls from end-users and fix issues as they arrive, minimising downtime for your staff and getting them back up and running as quickly as possible. With first-time fix rates exceeding 95% and an average call length of less than 20 minutes, your team will be back up and running in no time.

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Our proactive support offering uses:

  • connected_tv
    Remote monitoring tools
  • manage_accounts
    Incident management to see trends in your technology suite
  • build
    Our trained engineers then proactively put fixes in place for issues before your staff even notice

Whilst you were sleeping

Our proactive support offers peace of mind that your IT is working as it should. Daily checks take place to ensure your estate is backed up. This can be extended to include a complete Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan with the assistance of our professional services team. Our managed range of services include patching and updating both client and server infrastructure, reporting on the status of your estate to give peace of mind that your IT is fully updated with the latest security and performance fixes and facilitating simple ‘cyber’ certification if needed.

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Our Service Offerings:

  • support_agent
    Service Desk
  • admin_panel_settings
    Managed Security
  • manage_history
    Managed Server
  • engineering
    Managed Infrastructure
  • inventory
    Managed Connectivity
  • call
    Managed Telephony
  • language
    Office 365
  • devices
    Device 'Out of Box Experience'
  • recycling
    Device Lifecycle Experience

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