Simply moving existing infrastructure to the cloud may generate savings, but it will not by itself deliver the full benefits that the cloud promises.

Your journey to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud can be one of the most radical IT challenges for any company. 

With any migration to the cloud, we must have a deeper understanding of the company, its roles, processes, structure, and its culture, to realise the full value infrastructure modernisation brings with it.

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We help you move forward. Quickly.

The key is to ensure both IT and key stakeholders are aligned to ensure maximum advantage is achieved from the agility and new scenarios available in the cloud. We work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your company through a focused workshop.

We focus on your company's:

  • corporate_fare
    Role, sector, customers, and workforce.
  • settings
    Internal operational processes.
  • layers
    Organisational structure, access, and user rights.
  • groups
    Working culture, IT literacy, and user adoption gaps.

Making you future-ready.

On completion of the workshop, we execute a four-phase approach to defining the best cloud solution for your business.

Assess, migrate, secure, and optimise.

Our team build out a bespoke strategy to deliver an achievable cloud migration plan. Our cloud experts have developed a rigorous methodology and process that ensures implementation is as fast and smooth as possible.

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How it works:

  • explore
    Over a number of weeks, we assess multiple scenarios, generate insight reports, server lift-and-shift plans and catalogue data and traffic analysis. This informs & identifies the optimal economic model, scope, licensing and migration method.
  • cloud_upload
    At the migration phase, a dedicated programme manager is assigned to work alongside your technical teams and to act as a catalyst for change. A project kick-off meeting takes place to discuss and agree on milestones, project scope and timeframes of the migration, and most importantly agree to a communication plan.
  • settings_system_daydream
    Azure security and management resources are used to govern, secure, and monitor your cloud infrastructure in Azure. An updated plan is created to ensure critical and security updates are applied to operating systems.
  • auto_graph
    In the optimization phase, our team will review sizing, scaling and your disaster recovery systems. This is also the time to look for opportunities to optimize cloud spending.

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