Microsoft 365 to
Empower Your Team

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 form the backbone of most digital transformation journeys.

With Microsoft’s unmatched investment in new technology, an understanding of how to maximise the value in your Microsoft estate is essential for a secure and productive workforce.

Microsoft 365 provides everything your team needs:

  • wysiwyg
    Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams and more.
  • desktop_windows
    Latest version of Windows operating system.
  • cloud_sync
    Cloud service – synchronise across devices.
  • videocam
    Voice and video calling.
  • vpn_key
    Data protection and Azure authentication.
  • block
    End-to-end SPAM filtering.

Getting the Most from Microsoft 365

Empowering and mobilising employees.

Microsoft licensing has always been complex. The rate at which Microsoft now update their product stack, as well as the terms of use, can increase that complexity exponentially.

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We make Microsoft 365 adoption easier for your organisation:

  • clear_all
    Our six-phase 365 process uncovers and evaluates your business in these key areas and ensures alignment with your company goals and objectives.
  • apartment
    Creating your Microsoft 365 Tenant.
  • source
    Sourcing and advising on the most appropriate licences.
  • contact_mail
    Sorting out your usernames, passwords and email addresses.
  • swap_horiz
    Migrating all user emails, shared mailboxes, distribution lists, calendar items, contacts and more.
  • block
    Putting mail filtering and protection policies in place.
  • map
    Planning a roll-out strategy for Office applications.

Our seven-phase 365 process


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How we’ll work with you

We provide a fast-paced two day workshop to assess and evaluate how our solutions best align with your business objectives and goals.

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Review: What Are Your Goals?
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We start with running our Strategic Microsoft Review. Only with an understanding of the current licensing, as well as the infrastructure it supports, can we begin the process of maximising the value within your licensing.

Licensing Audit: Where Are We Now?
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Our audit collates all sources of licensing, be it on-premises or cloud based, to ensure that we then have the best conditions for success in proposing the right solution. From there we align the success criteria for your business, be it security, compliance, or productivity, and start the evaluation process.

Conclusions, Recommendations, & Project Delivery.
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Once we have completed our analysis, we provide a comprehensive solution that not only aims to increase the value in your Microsoft licensing but also meets those predefined criteria that are fundamental to your business. This can also mean taking a more imaginative approach to purchasing the licenses that not only increases the feature set available but can also increase the overall value extracted from your Microsoft estate.

Continually Optimised.
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We also believe that this should be a continuous process: As the strategic goals of your business change, so should the technology being utilised in order to achieve them. As such a periodic review becomes a part of our engagement as we continue our partnership. And through a partnership with Jungle IT, we can ensure your business is future ready by supporting you in delivering the latest Microsoft solutions.

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And finally, we protect and support your continued expansion of the Microsoft 365 environment with three options.

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