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Evolving your Cyber Security

The power of creating a security first-approach

The working world has changed. Technology is now the foundation of most business operations.

As our dependency on technology increases, cyber threats evolve, meaning our approach to security must also change. To thrive in the digital landscape, cyber security needs to be embedded in everything we do, personally and professionally.


To succeed in the digital world, businesses need to develop a strong security culture, embedded across the whole company. We can support you with:

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    Cyber security risk advisory: Identity risk and accountability for individuals and the organisation with a Cyber Security Maturity Assessment.
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    Policy creation and implementation: Ensure you achieve security compliance across the business.
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    Training and Awareness, provide a path-to-compliance and certification that can be actioned and supported by Jungle IT.
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    Cyber incident response and recovery: creating a robust plan of action to reduce downtime
Be proactive, not reactive.

Managing cyber risk effectively 

Businesses often take a reactive approach to cyber security, however in the modern digital landscape attacks are a case of when, not if. How you prepare and manage this risk, is in your control. 

A cyber security transformation enables you to rapidly reduce cyber risk and confidently adopt new digital technologies that support your strategic goals.


The first step in enhancing your security posture should be conducting a Cyber Security Maturity Assessment.


This practice will help you understand your capabilities, identify weaknesses and implement appropriate measures to protect against cyber threats, providing you with a deeper understanding of:


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    Identify Security Gaps: Highlights vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your cyber security defences.
  • analytics
    Risk Management: Provides insights into your risk exposure and helps in establishing a risk management framework.
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    Compliance and Regulations: Avoid penalties due to non-compliance by ensuring you‘re meeting requirements.
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    Resource Optimisation: Ensures investment in security technologies and training are aligned with the priorities of your business.
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    Enhance Incident Response: Analyses the effectiveness of incident response plans, improving procedures.
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    Awareness and Training: Highlights cyber security awareness and training needs, identifying skill gaps among employees.

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