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The Future of Collaboration

21/09/2023 18:00 - 19:30

How Technology is Changing the Way We Work Together, a Leeds Digital Festival Event


Collaboration lies at the heart of any business. In this panel, we’ll discuss the future of collaboration in the workplace, exploring the tools, technologies and spaces that impact the way we work.

Join us as we delve into the exciting and transformative world of collaboration in the digital age. The session brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators to explore the profound impact of technology on the way we work together.

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What to expect from the session:

  • schedule
    6:00 - 6:30pm - Networking
  • co_present
    6:30 – 7:15pm Panel Discussion and Q&A
  • groups
    7:30pm – Networking and the option to discuss specific challenges with experts at the session

Key discussion points will include:


Remote Work & Virtual Teams:

How has technology revolutionised remote work and empowered teams to collaborate across time zones, cultures, and languages? What are the challenges and opportunities presented by this shift?

AI and Automation:

How are artificial intelligence and automation changing the way we collaborate? From streamlining processes to enhancing decision-making, discover the future possibilities and potential pitfalls.

Data Security & Privacy:

With increased digital collaboration, what measures are needed to safeguard sensitive information and maintain trust in virtual environments?

Impact on Creativity and Innovation:

How does technology influence creative collaborations, fostering innovation, and transforming industries?

The Human Element:

Despite technological advances, human interactions remain at the core of collaboration. How can we strike the right balance between technology and human connection for optimal results?



Our Expert Panel

Whether you are a business leader, technologist, or simply curious about the future of collaboration, this event promises to offer valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions. Join us and be part of shaping the future of collaboration in the digital age

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The Venue: 
Globe Point

Globe Point is an inspiring office building and forms the gateway to the Temple neighbourhood. With high quality finishes, the welcoming reception offers a cafe kitchen and plenty of collaborative break out space for working.

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The Future of Collaboration
How Technology is Changing the Way We Work Together

Thursday September 21st, 6:00PM - 7:30 PM

In-Person Event at Globe Point, 1 Globe Rd, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 5FD

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