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Meet Micah

10 January 2024

Our new Senior Service Desk Engineer


Great people are at the heart of every thriving organisation, sharing a commitment to delivering their skills and expertise.

Micah has joined our team as a senior service desk engineer offering IT support to our clients.

Micah's role encompasses the management of servers, IT storage, networks, and cloud resources, all fortified by a robust layer of technical security protocols.

Committed to delivering exceptional customer service, his focus extends beyond routine tasks, driven by a passion to elevate our technological ecosystem through innovation.

"Beyond day-to-day operations, I aspire to pioneer solutions, foresee challenges, and cultivate an environment where cutting-edge technology converges seamlessly with outstanding customer experiences.
Embracing each daily challenge enthusiastically, I'm keen to navigate complexities in cloud integration, fine-tune security protocols, and optimise storage systems, viewing each obstacle as an opportunity to refine our IT service delivery."

Micah Akpabio, Senior Service Desk Engineer

Micah Akpabio 1000Px

Optimising cloud operations, refining customer service processes, fostering continuous learning, engaging in collaborative projects, and implementing data-driven processes are also key areas of focus for Micah.


"With a background in IT, specifically in infrastructure support, MSP operations, and data analytics, I'm excited to bring a wealth of technical expertise to Jungle IT. My proficiency extends to efficient server management, optimised storage solutions, and robust network operations aligned with industry best practices. My experience also includes utilising data for decision-making. I intend to utilise my problem-solving skills to minimise downtime, ensuring a seamless client experience."


Micah shares our passion to innovate. With a commitment to personal development he aspires to innovate at Jungle IT through automation, enhancing cyber security, optimising cloud strategies, implementing data-driven resolutions, and continuously improve his knowledge in IT. These initiatives aim to increase operational efficiency, heighten security, improve client satisfaction, and ensure the team remains responsive to the developments in IT, aligning with Jungle IT's commitment to excellence and innovation.

"I am delighted to express my appreciation for the exceptional colleagues and managers at Jungle IT. Their friendliness, helpfulness, and reassuring demeanor have been instrumental in creating a positive work environment. With such a supportive team, I am confident that my stay at Jungle IT will be both successful and fulfilling."

Micah Akpabio

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