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Our Approach to Christmas This Year 2023

18 December 2023

We LOVE Christmas at Jungle. It's a time to reflect on our achievements for the year, share positive well-wishes with others and celebrate the incredible work achieved with our partners, clients and colleagues.

Last year, we did away with Christmas presents and pledged to support local charities through donations. We want to ensure Jungle grows sustainably, and part of the growth means we are playing our role in supporting our local and global communities.

Charities we're supporting

Homeless Street Angels are a Leeds-based charity that offers desperately needed outreach within our community, especially at this time of year. The charity works to provide hot and cold food, clean clothes, toiletries, and support with housing applications every week.

Simon on the Streets offers unlimited emotional and practical support for homeless and vulnerable people in Leeds, Bradford, and Kirklees. With a focus on ongoing support, Simon on the Streets provides a long-term safe haven for those struggling with the transition from homelessness to a tenant.


Homeless Hampers started in 2015 with an aim to collect and distribute ‘hampers’ to the homeless for Christmas, containing essentials such as toiletries and chocolate. Since then, they've grown their services, now undertaking weekly outreaches in Leeds, with around 18 volunteers per week distributing in excess of 150 meals, 25 litres of hot drinks and an assortment of essentials such as toiletries, clothing, blankets and sleeping bags. 

The Impact

Donations to Homeless Street Angels helps support:

  • restaurant
    Providing over 100 meals to the homeless every week
  • groups
    Training staff and volunteers
  • handshake
    Providing individuals with developing life skills for confidence
  • volume_up
    Raising awareness of the needs of the homeless and socially excluded

Donations to Simon and the Streets helps support:

  • payments
    Travel costs for attending housing viewings and benefits appointments with their outreach workers
  • volunteer_activism
    Ensuring clients have emotional and practical support for the long run
  • emoji_food_beverage
    Providing hot food and drinks to the homeless or vulnerably housed
  • psychology
    Understanding and tackling the route cause of homelessness

Donations to Homeless Hampers helps support:

  • payments
    Help service users to get their lives back on track by accessing information in relation to their social and housing needs.
  • volunteer_activism
    Provide on-going support and advice in life skills and training programmes available to service users
  • emoji_food_beverage
    Providing hot food and drinks to the homeless or vulnerably housed
  • psychology
    Development of skills and knowledge of service users that have not had the opportunity to engage in.