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Partnering with Sustainable Suppliers

27 March 2024

Stats suggest that 49% of businesses admit their clients are worried about the environment. Yet, only a small margin of small businesses are taking action to improve their sustainability practices.

Sustainability is a crucial aspect of our company that we are focussed on improving.

Last year we moved to Kirkstall Forge a sustainable office in Leeds to ensure our teams can work in a space that is contributing to clean sustainable practices.


Our approach to improving sustainable practices

As part of our sustainability objectives, we opt to work with suppliers that share our common goal in prioritising sustainable practices.


We’ve updated our supplier agreement process in the last few months to include crucial questions around sustainability so we can prioritise building relationships with providers that share our common sustainability goals. In addition, we’ve included additional questions around security, a core component organisations ought to consider for any business objective to be effective.


TD SYNNEX is a prime example demonstrating a robust approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.


In their current Corporate Citizenship Report they shared their environmental and social commitments to lower their global carbon footprint and increase diversity in the workplace and implementing equitable programs and practices to make their goal a reality.

"As we continue to align our investments and expand the way we serve our customers, co-workers and communities, we are grounded in the principles that have propelled our legacy company to this unified point.”

Rich Hume, CEO, TD SYNNEX (TD SYNNEX CSR report 2023)

Our purchasing manager, Paul, commented on our approach to fostering relationships with sustainable partners:

“Undeniably, prioritising sustainability is important. Sustainability doesn’t just impact the longevity of businesses; it shapes our future too. Making changes to our supplier onboarding process is helping us do our part to source and work with suppliers that take making sustainable change seriously too.”

Paul Moffat, Purchasing Manager at Jungle IT