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Recap: Uncover The Latest Microsoft Updates Ahead of 2024

02 November 2023

Last week, we hosted a webinar sharing the key updates you can expect from Microsoft ahead of 2024. Here's a recap on the exciting Microsoft developments you can expect from the roll out of Copilot to Microsoft 365 licensing changes.


2023 is quickly rolling to a close. Companies across the UK are seeking ways to improve the way they work. With this reality, Microsoft is launching compelling changes to transform how Microsoft users work for the better. 

Last week, we hosted a webinar sharing the key updates you can expect from Microsoft ahead of 2024. We discussed Microsoft's revolutionary AI tool, Copilot and other critical updates.

Read on for an overview of the exciting Microsoft developments we explored.

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What you need to know: Microsoft Copilot


Patrick, our Cloud Solutions Consultant, explored what we know so far on Microsoft's Copilot and the impact this artificial intelligent (AI) tool will have on the functionality and capabilities of Microsoft's suite of tools. 

We discussed the impact Copilot will have on Microsoft's productivity tools such as: Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams. Not only that, but Copilot will be able to improve the functionality of Microsoft's wider range of tools from Bing, and Microsoft Edge, to their Business, analytics, development, security, and everyday tools.


Microsoft 365 Copilot Launch

Microsoft 365 Copilot will be generally available for Enterprise customers starting on November 1. However, there are certain measures organisations should be taking now to ensure they can reap the benefits of Copilot's powerful AI capabilities. During the webinar session, the prerequisites required for Microsoft users to adopt this tool were expounded.


Copilot's Unmatched Automation Capabilities

Microsoft Copilot's sneak peek video was displayed, showing a few of Copilot's upcoming features. Here's a few of the game-changing updates that only scratch the surface in terms of what Microsoft users can gain with the rollout of this AI tool:

  • With Copilot, you can automatically create minutes after your Teams meetings and prompt Copilot to send a summary of the meeting or specific discussion points.
  • Transform your text into engaging, animated presentations in PowerPoint with a simple AI prompt.
  • Enhance your Microsoft Excel report and gain further insights, graphs, and reports from your data, using prompts that allow you to easily visualise, zoom in, and create smart reports.


Microsoft New Commerce Experience Changes

What is NCE?

Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) intends to reduce complexity and provide cost savings for long term commitments, whilst introducing additional features such as price protection by changing the way users consume their 365 licensing.


Microsoft NCE Important Changes

For those businesses not already in an NCE commitment, there are three options:

  1. Annual Commitment with Annual Billing
  2. Annual Commitment with Monthly Billing
  3. Monthly Commitment with Monthly Billing

Annual Terms will have price protection for the duration of the term but no decrease in quantity is allowed. Whereas, the monthly commitment offers no price protection but the ability to reduce licensing at the end of each month for a 20% premium.


Legacy Cloud Solutions Provider to New Commerce Experience

Patrick also discussed what comes next given Microsoft's announcement to forcibly migrate Legacy CSP offers to NCE:

  • Corporate customers need to migrate now from legacy offers to NCE to avoid auto-enrolment into Annual Subscriptions. The subscription renewal date begins in 2024, starting from January 11th.
  • For public sector clients: Education, Charity. Microsoft will migrate the legacy offers to NCE, starting with July 2024 renewals.

Microsoft Key Updates For Year 2024


  1. Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 are now End of Life as of October 10th.

  2. Non-Profits: Microsoft's Azure Grant of $3,500 per year has been reduced to $2,000 per year starting October 2023.

  3. Education: Eligibility checks for first time for CSP users has been reinstated as of September 2023.

  4. For all verticals, there is a new and improved version of Microsoft Teams is emerging, providing a fresh, easier platform for communicating across industries.

  1. Non-Profit: Regarding Teams Premium, features for company branding, advance governance, and scheduling will now be available to Non-Profit Microsoft users.


How to Make the Most of Microsoft Latest Changes

Navigating change can be challenging, especially considering the fast-paced evolution of technology and systems. We’re here to ensure you can adapt to these Microsoft changes seamlessly. Get in touch to find out how we can support you with our Managed Microsoft 365 services.

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