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Supporting the Armed Forces Covenant

10 November 2023

Supporting our staff and wider community is important to us. That’s why we’re proud to announce we have pledged to be part of the Armed Forces Covenant and as such have received a bronze employee Recognition Award.

What is the Armed Forces Covenant


The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation that those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.


Our Commitment to Supporting the Armed Forces Covenant


As part of our commitment to support the Armed Forces Covenant, we’re pledging to provide opportunities to veterans and ex-service people.


Those in the armed forces and veterans have a vast range of life experience and knowledge. Their outlook and life experience can prove invaluable. As such, we commit to interviewing ex service people for any particular role that they are qualified to undertake.


Anne, our Head or Human Resources shared her thoughts on the Armed Forces Covenant.


"I have some very good friends who have been in the forces for years and gone through the resettlement process.  
I've also worked with a lot of veterans and therefore have a little understanding of what it's like to come out of the services, understanding that many ex-service personnel have a great deal of very relevant experience and knowledge and skills that would be transferable to our business."

Anne Davison, Head of Human Resources

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Why Supporting the Armed Forces Covenant is Important


Transitioning from the military to the working environment can be difficult for ex-service people. From finding employment to adjusting to the demands of the working world, providing support to ex-service people in terms of employment opportunities, and advice can help jumpstart their career and enable them to support themselves and their families.


We're also committing to helping current service people and their families find jobs. Relocating for service people is often a challenge as they struggle to find work and are forced to travel frequently for work purposes.


Laura, our Governance, Compliance & Cyber Security Manager served in the British Army for over 10 years. She shares her experience post leaving the army and her thoughts on our pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant.

"When I left the army, I didn't understand how to transfer from being a soldier to being a civilian.

I believe, one of the main areas those leaving the army need help with the most, is work, because we still need to pay bills, have a sense of belonging and adjust to a very different environment.  

It means so much to me that we are able to help other veterans with opportunities that weren't available to me when I left the forces."

Laura Kaung

Governance, Compliance & Cyber Security Manager



As part of the Armed Forces Covenant we also pledge to support and promote national events in support of the National Army such as Poppy day and Armed Forces Day.


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