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Supporting Future Talent in the Tech Sector

13 March 2024

Leeds is the fastest growing city in the UK. Over the next ten years, the Leeds economy is forecast to grow by 21%.

As a business striving for continuous growth, supporting local talent is a sustainability commitment we take seriously.

In this article, we're sharing a few of the initivatives and practices we've taken on board to support local talent and enhance employee wellbeing.


Armed Forces Covenant


The Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

We have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and pledged to provide opportunities to veterans and ex-service people.

Transitioning from the military to civilian life, can be daunting and difficult for people who have served in the forces, especially in the area of work and employment. As part of our pledge, we are committing to helping current and ex-service people find jobs, offering guidance and advice as appropriate.

We will also support and promote national events supporting the services, including Poppy Day and Armed Forces Day.


Generation UK: Providing job opportunities for diverse talent


Generation You Employed, UK is a charity and non-profit organisation seeking to close the gap between individuals facing adversity and vacancies in career-launching professions. Generation UK connects individuals with jobs and provides them with the skills and support needed to achieve long-lasting personal and professional success.

Generation’s programs have been created in collaboration with multiple employer partners and address entry-level skills needs of employers. 


Generation UK is committed to providing high performing talent, where possible, that delivers on one of more of the following levers of return on investment:

  1. Access to diverse talent: Generation will mobilise a pipeline of diverse candidates who can thrive in the program, from which Generation will select those with the aptitude and motivation to succeed to be top-performing hires;
  2. High-quality training of candidates: Generation’s curriculum has been developed with numerous employers to incorporate the technical skills, behaviours and mindsets required for success in work. The curriculum ensures that each learner gets exposure to real-life situations they will face at work, incorporating the repeated practice of role plays and simulations. This encourages the graduates to perform effectively from their very first day.
  3. Retention: Generation’s candidates will be selected on their motivation to pursue a career in the space and equipped with the mindsets encouraging them to follow long-term tech careers.

As part of Jungle’s commitment to Generation, we will interview a minimum of 3 suggested candidates per available vacancy that is communicated to Generation, and commit to hiring those graduates who fulfil the hiring requirements into full time permanent roles, as appropriate.




Apprenticeships: Embracing young talent


We have worked with a number of apprenticeship providers over the last few years, providing apprenticeship opportunities within marketing, sales, service desk, and build room engineering.


The apprenticeship program has proven to be a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled, and qualified team.

As apprentices are often new to the world of work, we provide supervision and advice, allowing the individuals to study and learn new skills whilst being employed. We're committed to supporting all our team members to develop their skills and knowledge and utilising the apprenticeship route is a great route to demonstrate this.  


We currently have a number of apprentices within our service desk and build room facilities, with plans to expand this into Data Analyst Level 3 qualifications for our Client Services Administration team.



"I'm happy to have achieved the Level 3 Information Communications Technician - Azure Cloud Support Specialist.
This qualification will allow me to assist users with any issues related to Microsoft 365 applications or Azure, this will also allow me to learn more about 365 by doing exams and courses in the future.
I feel good about passing as I have come in to this job with zero previous experience in IT. I'm looking forward to developing further in my career and assisting our clients too."

Jack Martin, Service Desk Engineer

Jack Martin 1000Px 5673 (1)

Cultivating an inclusive environment for our employees


Beyond our efforts to support local talent, nurturing our current employees is the true measure of organisational success. We have implemented a range of policies to provide an inclusive environment for our team to work safely and have an effective work-life balance. These policies include the following:


1. Data Protection Policy: Outlines our approach to compliance with regard to legislative requirements and the use, protection and processing of data, irrelevant of who that data refers to.


2. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy: Identifies our approach to equal opportunities in all aspects of the business, and the avoidance of discrimination at work.


3. Family Provisions Policy: Explains our approach to different types of leave available to our people including maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental, unpaid parental, parental bereavement and compassionate leave.  It also identifies the process of application.


4. Flexible Hybrid Policy: We recognise that improved work-life balance can increase employee motivation, performance and productivity and reduce work-related stress.  Therefore this policy aims to enable our team members to achieve a better balance and the business is committed to considering all requests encouraging open discussion.


5. Health and Safety Policy: This policy identifies the health and safety duties of the business and individuals in ensuring that we provide a safe and healthy environment to work in.


6. Lone Working Policy: Whilst acknowledging at times that we may have people working alone, this policy sets out key facts, hints and tips and good practice guidelines ensuring everyone’s safety.


7. Whistleblowing Policy: Whilst allowing people the opportunity to raise concerns, this policy is designed to protect everyone from being subjected to detriment for disclosing those concerns.  Allowing the opportunity for anyone to raise concerns about wrongdoing within with the business without fear of victimisation, subsequent discrimination, disadvantage or dismissal.


8. Young Persons Policy: This policy, whilst adhering to statutory obligations under the management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 identifies our health and safety arrangements for the safety of young people at work, as well as management and employee responsibilities.  It is recognised that young people may be exposed to additional risks at work due to their lack of knowledge and/or experience.


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